Teaching myself PhotoLab


Any suggestions on how the below image could be improved. For the first time I have not been able to do too much more with it in LR so maybe I am making some progress here. Thank you all.

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you mis color contrast and detailing in that big mountain acros the leake.The gras and the smaller tree hill on the right is much more saturated. the gras is too eye drawing for that rock acros.

As i see the shadow the sun is on the right side(rock in gras) so its a cloud which washed out the rockside.
What does that auto contrast tool in NIK?
Other thing, Automasking that rockside from cloud to water to right three slope and apply clearview and some other contrast?


Not sure I agree entirely Peter but I do in part. I have not changed the light in the mountains, it is as it was without doubt. The one thing all this really shows to me is that this software is far too complex for what should just be image enhancements/tweaks on pics that should be reasonable out of the camera. It is what I would call “Geeky” in that in takes too much time away from the main hobby - taking photographs, which is ok if you like playing with software or enhancing images for the sake of it. The image here was also run through Lr on automatic as a separate exercise. The results were far superior to my eye than the out of the box results from PL and all I had to do was tweak vibrance and bring in a little clarity. It took minutes. I think my days with DxO are now over - I need to take photographs that are faithful reproductions. For instance if cloud is masking the hillside then so be it. It is how it was.

Incidentally the sun was over my right shoulder as you look at the picture but the entire fjord was surrounded by mountains which were casting awkward shadows.

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i didn’t say you changed the light,

the shadowstreak midsection looks as cloudshadowcast. Yes sun is about 160 degrees.
( not that there is something wrong about that.)

yes i agree, but sadly because i can i will use it.:blush:
indeed more time for taking and less processing image’s is the goal of good application
quote=“ColinG, post:3, topic:5753”]
For instance if cloud is masking the hillside then so be it. It is how it was
yes again i agree, but what i ment was because of the cloud’s diffusion of light the mountain gets a little pale. soft. And a rock wall needs to be looking a little hars and hard. When i was younger i walked alot in the Alps. i remember the dark hars rocks and stone walls which got when lighted up in the sun a friendly open place to be. ( that’s why lot of people gets in to throuble walking on slippers and sandals and then the weather change suddenly…)
So i ment to bring out the relief more and by applying local clearview you leave the goodparts alone. (That’s why i have bin interested how Nik auto microContrasttool interpeted this image.)


I always take your points, Peter. They are always valid and worthy of consideration :slight_smile: I will run the image through Nik and post back. What application is the auto microcontrast tool in? Clearview to me is sometimes very powerful but other times it just seems to add too much contrast and serves to darken the image. Some rave about it. Me? I am undecided.


Found it in Viveza. Here is the image with no more than a run through on auto. Has certainly brought out some more detail. Maybe needs toning down a little?

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Yes, sorry wassn’t on my “photopc” couldn’t check myself.
toning down a bit?
Two places where i would test a white eyedropper (bring it down to 245points, but that is stil in progres of adding). so use those points to lower exposure by boxes or general(hole image)
point%202 point%20one
(i think those are coloring up by highlight blinky.)


I agree with that, Peter. Also tried the same approach using a mask and Clearview. It got to pretty much the same place but it was so m much easier in Nik. Wish they would bring that stuff into the main program (much like ON1 have with their filters) but I guess it will not be easy as Nik never was a raw editing engine. What I really do like about PhotoLab is its speed of operation, the browse module and the develop module all work quite well on my iMac, although the changes when sliders are moved could be smoother.

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Ah great so the masking can be helping out, yes that contrast fllter is great.
I also would be very happy if DxO can manage to get those NIk auto stuff as a filter/preset inside the RAW workspace. Now you have to finish the image and be gambling the result of the vivienza contrast auto filter or export tiff , vivenza, import again and finish off for jpeg export. (if you have 100 images which needs the same contrast bumb its time and HDD consuming.)

One thing is confusing in NIK and PL the upoint handling is different. Ive just got the hang of it in PL and now i have to learn a other control for NIK.
(Wel PLv3 maybe it’s got a merge and rearranging of toolsets. The bits and pieces are at there disposal now they need to assemble those bits and pieces to a smooth running machine. )


Nik U Point is not that difficult really. It is different but in an easy way. I was playing with it earlier.

I think the problem DxO have now is where they are going to take PhotoLab. There is overlap between Film Pack and Nik as there is between the onboard adjustments and Nik. If they take what they have to a fully integrated solution they will end up with an ON1 type of product - but hopefully one that is much better. Nik adjustments seem so much easier to me and the way filters are stacked really does make for easy editing. Jumping back and forth between the DxO modules is not easy, if you can actually remember which ones have been used that is!

Of course DxO could have bought Nik on the basis that it will remain stand-alone as that provides an additional marketing opportunity. Hopefully they have a plan :slight_smile:

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i am not sure i found it back myself, which did you used in viveza?
i think its color efex pro 4 dynamic contrast slider which it does but i got confused about serveral types of applications ive bin wandering around in :exploding_head:


It is Color Efex, sorry. Pro Contrast is the one. Detail Extractor is good as well. They seem to give an image that final “lift” that I cannot get in DPL itself.

(Peter) #13

Ah ok, we got it both “misplaced” in our head. :blush:
yes indeed pro contrast.
Somehow i have a auto processing in my memory, maybe just define2.
That Detail extractor filter, maybe wandered over that one also.


They just seem to manage to “pull something out the bag” every time. I suppose it creates a similar workflow to ON1, which I do like but it has had its issues…and still does.

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I was following that R.W. guy and wandering around in NIK’s collection trying to see which part i like to use as a extra tool for the benefit of DPL
some things are usefull others are too difficult to remember for those non often moments.
I forget most times after a wile what i saw where or how and how i did some things.
(i am not in images al the time so sometimes i find out a need thing use it and forget about it knowing i did that a wile ago, seeing means often a OH yeah! )
And the fact i can’t switch between the NIKcollection when i export out dpl. (can’t see how anyway.) Does make searching the tool or filter less easy.

(first i have to reinstall a win10 broken HDD… :-S )