Tamron Teleconvertor

Still no support for the Tamron TELE CONVERTER 1.4x (Model TC-X14) . This is the third time of asking over the last 16 months. Is it ever going to happen ?.


I raised this under the old forum as I found OP used Canon Mk2 in place of Tamron. So I don’t think they will ever produce them after all these years.


we did some tests with Tamron teleconverter but we had issues with lens identification so we couldn’t release modules for it.
We will resume our tests and see if we can fix this issue.


Hi Marie,

Thank you for your response, I use this teleconverter with the Tamron 100-400 lens (AO35). I hope you can fix the issues and produce a module.


Hi there I wondered whether you had made any progress with the Tamron Teleconverter in relation to developing a module.