Tamron 45mm 1,8 Chromatic Abberations

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Although I use the profile of the TAMRON 45mm 1.8, I am somewhat disappointed with the ability to eliminating chromatic aberrations. Adobe CAMERA Raw delivers much better results here, even directly on JPG’s… Is it possible to set the removal of the abberations more aggressively for this lens at wide open aperture?

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I have this lens, Canon EF mount, and I find that DXO does a good job of removing CA. But, that is just my opinion. Here is a shot at f1.8 with and without CA correction in PL6. Maybe your expectations are different from mine. I have no idea if CA can result from any sort of lens misalignment or not.

Maybe if you could share an example like I have for us to better understand your case.

Did you zoom in more than 75%? The optical corrections in Photolab are (unfortunately) only applied at higher zoom levels.

If that is not the case, maybe you can show some example and also send it to the dxo support? It has happened before that some lens has not been properly calibrated.

Test_Tamron_45_0866_220107_155426_200_45_1,8.CR2 (20,3 MB)

You will see the Abberations in the upper and lower area of the image… In areas with high contrast green and purple

In Adobe Camera RAW it is nearly completely possible to eliminate the fringing, in dxo unfortunately only to some minor degree

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I’ve seen the problem. You have to send this to DxO support.

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Ok… But how can I address this problem to dxo support?

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note – DxO might still be on holidays

do you mean ag·gres·sive·ly using all sliders “Purple Amount”/“Purple Hue” & “Green Amount”/“Green Hue” in ACR/LR in “Defringe” Tool ? that is not lens profile application in ACR/LR and such aggressive application will lead to color artefacts elsewhere in the image

No, not globally but by identification of the fringe color (with some extension) and then apply settings.
I think they can pick a color manually and then also apply this on the complement fringe color

that is what I mean globally - w/ your raw sample you need to apply a hell lot of manual fringe corrections ( again - this is not a lens profile work in ACR/LR - so why do you ask DxO to fix lens profile in this case - ask them to provide a tool similar in operation to what ACR / LR has ) to get rid of of Purple/Green on the clock markings - unless you mean something else - it will be nice if you illustrate by a screenshot showing the area fixed and all sliders in ACR/LR “Defringe” Tool

My impression was that chromatic Abberations are somehow optical defects and therefore must be corrected in the lens profile.

An additional step to manual correct the rest like the ACR tool will be perfect

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Nevertheless the lens is very good, tack sharp with fantastic color rendering… But the chromatic Abberations are the drawback

if you apply lens profile in ACR/LR - it does not correct that fringing… it is corrected there by a manual tool which does not use lens profile at all

illustration with the shared raw file

applying ACR lens profile does NOT fix Purple/Green fringing


URL to a full size animated GIF = ACR Lens Profile Does not FIX IT — Postimages

unless the OP can illustrate please to us how Adobe’s lens profile is fixing that stuff ( in my screenshot ) ? may be has some other areas in the image in mind ?

That’s the result in the latest ACR releases… older ones are not that good

And it’s very fast to achieve these results

I am running ACR v15.1.0.1329 - how later is yours vs mine and also - please provide a screenshot of your ACR w/ Optics tool and Defringe tool expanded so that it will be clear what I did wrong in my case - because in my case as I tried to illustrate w/ a screen shot above (showing what I did exactly in those two tools - switched profile ON and OFF) Adobe profile does nothing to fix the fringing… so if I am doing something wrong then I need to see what was that I did wrong

PS: unless you again referring to MANUAL correction of that fringing in Defringe tool - which as I tried to illustrate has nothing to do w/ lens profile… if I am wrong - screenshot your ACR like I did to prove your point

Thank you !

I received an new Computer in fall and used the Chance to eliminate ALL Adobe Creative Tools… Sorry, I cannot provide the ACR Screenshots

By the way: Adobe tools not required anymore are the very best ones

well - then you do not have any proof of your claim that Adobe’s lens profile fix anything ( what you posted does not show what you did - your prev. posting seems to be clear that you were using in fact Defringe tool )… my animated gif on the contrary shows that profile application w/o manual correction does not do anything

you have to use a manual defringing tool in ACR/LR - so you can’t claim that DxO profile is worse - but you can say that they are not providing manual fringe correction like Adobe does

Ok, if this provides the best result as easy as possible let’s go this way…

In ACR I can use it also with jpgs, so no Camera profile is required.

It’s more an repair tool, but if it works in the lens profile the could be easier to handle