Switch off sharpening

In PhotoLab, we can tune sharpening with the respective sliders.
In DPR, it’s either on or off. Either/Or is always a bad choice, lots of grey between black and white!

Hi Mark, I would call this progress :slight_smile:
As others have noted, my image in itself is not overly sharp. It was shot with a diminuitive GM5 and all details shown here are magnified a lot.
The halos are (for me at least) only a side aspect - albeit a significant one. But observe the colour change in the spectacle frame: the oversharpening (middle version) darkens the whole frame. The right hand version pleases me. At normal size it would certainly be sharp enough.
So, now the 100000$-question is, how to get this kind of result out of DxO PureRaw2 (on my setup).
I fear, that my current test version will run out first before there is a fix. But I’ll be happy to test again.

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@platypus ,

I looked to image with and without correction of lens sharpness (with standard correction, not boosted one) and correction looks stronger to what we do usually that’s why I say we will reork the module but the analysis we will do will be wider than that.

@rrblint ,

I did a comparison between PR2 and PL5 and I got identical correction of lens sharpness.
Test is to do export in DeepPrime with Lens sharpness by default in PhotoLab and with “Global lens sharpening” Off in PureRAW.



We are talking about a specific image, which had to be enlarged a lot to make the ‘problem’ visible.

Mark @rrblint noted for his comparison
Switch off sharpening - #17 by rrblint
For the PL5 version I reduced Global sharpness to -0.50

@JoPoV, check my 2nd screenshot
Switch off sharpening - #8 by Wolfgang
different settings needed here to suppress chromatic aberration and halo.

PhotoLab can do – even when looking at a tiny detail, enlarged to 400% !!

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Hi @Marie @platypus @Wolfgang @Andreas_S ,

I have Tried one more variation in PL5: Lens Sharpness completely deactivated and the result is IDENTICAL to the PR2 version with GS on(=1.00 on PL5).

Upper left is the original RW2; Upper right is PL5 Deep Prime with GS =-0.50; Lower left is PL5 with Deep Prime and LS deactivated and lower right is the PR2 version with Deep Prime and GS on. All viewed in FSIV 7.5 at 700%.

I’m beginning to think that my copy of PR2 somehow has LS deactivated. I’m going to try uninstalling, redownloading and reinstalling my version of PR2. Please stand by…

Nope, after uninstalling, redownloading and reinstalling PR2, there is no difference between the old and new versions of the export from PR2. I’m not sure what to think as @Andreas_S PR2 version clearly shows the halos and darkening of the glasses(as well as extra sharpening) that my PR2 version does not show. Only my PL5 version with LS on shows these artifacts and extra sharpening. :man_shrugging:

When doing some post process to acheive some styles, or doing some precise custom sharpening (not in photolab), those “small” problems can become very problematic.

Hi Mark,
this discussion gives me an idea: do the different DxO tools use common libraries? At least it seems so… The difference between my install and yours might be, that on my virtual machine there was not a trace of DxO before I tried it out. On your machines might be different versions and tools from older or other installations.
So why don’t you try out DxO PR2 on a virgin machine (a virtualbox will do)? Maybe then this effect will become reproducible? Just a guess.
Best regards, Andreas

Hi Andreas,

This is a very good idea and it certainly is possible, but I don’t think so. I’m not an IT expert by any means, but each separate DXO program seems to be contained in it’s own environment, spread out between various folders( App Data, Program Files, Program Data, etc.). Some of the data(Presets, Workspaces, Database, Modules, etc.) do migrate from version to version(PL3, PL4, PL5, etc.), but not between different apps(PL5, PR2, VP3, FP6, etc.). Also, after migration is complete, I always uninstall the previous version completely using Revo Uninstaller so nothing is leftover on my PC from previous versions.

I may try something like this if I can’t resolve the issue otherwise. I will continue testing.

Hello @Andreas_S ,

we will release an update of module used for your image at the beginning of May, it will reduce lens sharpness which is too strong for now.


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Hi Marie,
nice to hear. I hope, I can get a free re-trial. I guess my 30 days will be over by then.
Best regards, Andreas

Hello @Andreas_S ,

finally we released new module on Wednesday 27th, can you have a look ?


Hi Marie,

thanks for the info. I’d like to, but no, I can’t:

I deinstalled the old version and even tried regedit to purge all DxO-related entries, downloaded a new *msi and reinstalled. But it seems that my free test has expired for good.

If you know a way around this, let me know.

Best regards, Andreas