Swapable layer system with opacity and mask control for all tools processed after demosaicing

“Advanced” is indeed somewhat exagerated to say the least. What should be changed here anyway is to add a value change to the Edit History only once the cursor leaves the field (like Lightroom and ACR do). I use the mousewheel to change values, and currently this totally floods the history.


It is not easy to use these sliders. While I can make them work, it is way too much effort.


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You’re not going to believe this… Like others who have posted here, I was under the impression that sliding the mouse sideways from a slider to increase sensitivity was a Windows only thing and us Mac-ists had to resort to using the up/down arrow keys.

Well, as a result of this discussion, I just tried dragging sideways and was amazed to find it does make a difference!

I’m using PL5.1.1.52.

Mind you trying to get a precise number on colour temperature is still a nightmare, even when the mouse is on the other side of a 27" screen

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Having read all this with great interest. I will agree that all modifiable options should be in the sidebars, regardless. And for those that think the U-Points and their selections should still be there. Me included, then a shortcut keys should be provided to hide them, or as I have found. Just moves the mouse off of the picture and the U-points disappear. That’s in the Windows version. I don’t know about the MAC. Perhaps Joanna will give it a try and report back.

The other point was filling up of the advance history which I still feel should be saved for all editing sessions. I believe this is so for the Mac and not for windows. My workaround for this one filling up, is when I have finished making various adjustments to. I.e. exposure. I take a note of the last adjustment number, then click on the previous adjustment in the advanced history, go back to the sidebar and click on the exposure and enter the last number used. This, then remove any unnecessary entries in the advanced history.

Over the years of using this program. Both optics pro and photo lab is how powerful they are. I suppose one of these days I should read the manual. Don’t slap me on the wrist Joanna!

Tried it on my MBA’s touchpad and it’s not so funny to get e precise value. The best workaround for me at the moment ist to hold down the finger at the touchpad and roll it. imagine like you see it in a crime series where the people have to make their fingerprints :crazy_face:
Like long discussed the possibility to use the arrow keys for increments of 1, and maybe to combine it with a function key or crtl, command or option key to got increments of 5 or 10 would be the best choice in my opinion

With local corrections, you can place the pointer over a setting and use the up/down keys.
In global tools, we can always use the number box.

Long time ago, but many thanks :grinning:

Seems to be very logical handling :thinking: