Surface Dial and DxO?

Does anybody have any experience customising the Surface Dial to work with DxO Photo Lab? It’d be great to control clear view plus and smart lightning with it…

Mmm - What is a “Surface Dial” ?

Perhaps related to a Surface Pro ???

John M

Hi John!

More about “Surface Dial” here.

Wow - That’s amazing ! - - Thx Jim.


Ohh nice.
I wish PL could offer more and better native support for different kinds of control surfaces and grading like SD, Loupedeck, Tangent, Blackmagic as well as simpler devices like the Deco 2 style boards from xp-pen.

BTW the Surface Dial reminds me of Griffins USB PowerMate from 2001 and wireless from 2014 :slight_smile:

Hello guys,

Would you mind if I turn this post into a request?
(We had it in mind some time ago but to evaluate the priority we need to see how important it is)

Svetlana G.


OK Thank you! I also think that compatibility with Loupedeck etc would be brilliant!!!

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I obviously have a problem with buying this kind of stuff as I once had this: