Support of Sony RX100 M5A

(T.H.) #1

As an addon to my DSLR I recently bought a Sony RX100 M5A (kind of facelifted M5 with some features of the RX100 M6). As I am tempted to make use of the PhotoLab v2 launch offer, I downloaded the test version first to check support of the M5A raw file format. Unfortunately, it seems that PhotoLab2 cannot open these files (extension ARW). Are there any plans to include support for the M5A in PhotoLab v2 and, if yes, when?

Thanks & KR

(Marie) #2

Hello @Heppl,

I will add the RX100 VA to the roadmap (I’m sorry I let it out till now) but I can’t give you a date for the release at the moment.

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Do you have more recent information on the date of availability of the module for the rx100 VA?

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(T.H.) #4

Yes. Would be really good to know when the RX100 VA will be supported.
Preferably before the next Black Friday and the respective special price :slight_smile:

(Pavel Hlavaty) #5

Hello, Marie, some news about RX100 VA, please?

(Marie) #6

Hello @pavka8,

sorry but for now I can’t give you any update.


(Robert Gill) #7

Please add me to the list of people who are waiting for PhotoLab to support the RX100 M5A. Here I am with a nice new camera but I can’t use my favourite editor!