Support for the Leica M10 and Leica M10P

Hello jaymurthy,
Latest news: I tried changing camera model from Leica M10-P (my camera) to LEICA M (Typ 240)with exiftool (exiftool (-k -Model=‘LEICA M (Typ 240)’).exe). It probably is non theoretically optimum but it works pretty good and it is is possible to use the otical correction modules.

Maybe there is a different field in the Exif that is taken in account.
Can you compare a M10 and M10-P Exif and see where is a difference ?

sorry for the delayed response. I thank you for the help on this forum. Unfortunately, given the slow support for leica M10-P on dxo (when essentially it is the same camera as earlier supported camera M10), I have decided to move to capture one 12. Capture One is a fabulous software and very comparable to dxo but seem to be better supported at least for leica and fuji. Since I got a fuji gfx, I essentially have a free copy for fuji with an upgrade path.

@ jay

The Fuji and Sony versions of Capture One are both crippleware, lacking even basic features like curves which any dedicated photographer, pro or amateur would like.

I agree with you though – it’s a pity that DxO are dragging their feet on support for new cameras. It’s not like it takes less time or effort to support the cameras later. It’s just that by that time those camera owners have to move on to other software. Fortunately most of my cameras (Canon 5D, 5DIII, 5DSR, Sony NEX-5T, A6300: two of those are not in active use but I have legacy photos and have shot with them a couple of times in the past year) are supported and I’m not thinking of jumping on any bandwagons (the old DSLR still whoop mirrorless for action photography and are the equal for most other photography).

I’ve given up on support for my Fuji X-T20. I don’t understand why DxO won’t support Fuji X at least with the help of Iridient Digital’s demosaicing tool, like Lightroom (provides sharper detail and no halos). Supporting new gear should be a priority, not a DAM which most DxO users don’t need or want.

Sorry to hear that.
Maybe DxO can make it better next time, especially in such a particular situation where sensors are the same :grinning:


the website says leica m10-p supported . just curious, if this is really true. would not open dng files with the latest update. also capture 1 is very good. but i still use dxo for micro four-third due to unbeatable noise reduction. i wish it supported all my cams. life would be so much easier.


I did download a DNG file from Dpreview (here) but I was not able to open it with DPL
Is the file correct ? I have no idea. Maybe @Marie can tell us if the M10-P is supported ?

yes exactly! it’s the same issue here and hence posted my question/ comment. dng from m10-p not opening for me even with the latest update as of this writing.



support of Leica M10-D and M10-P have been added to PL 2.2.3 which has been released today.



Thank you!

Merci :grinning:

@jaymurthy , it was not yet released but written for the release to come.