Support for the Hasselblad X2D-100C and 3 new XCD V lenses

Please add support for the Hasselblad X2D-100C and 3 new XCD V lenses to Pure Raw 2 as soon as you can. [OH and adding these to PL6 would be great too]

The support for the XD2 is really needed , the phocus software is optimized in my opinion to β€˜β€™ render perfectly perfect light conditions β€˜β€™ rather than β€˜β€™ optimize any light condition β€˜β€™ and in general is not the best software on the planet , on the other hand the standard lightroom engine dosen’t render all the detail in the right way , therefore adding xd2 support would be really apprecieated by all hasseblad users since i would really help to keep the workflow with multiple different cameras linear and simple ,it would even more apricieted if the output file could work even on capture one with ease it would be a must for all the users brought by this camera realease (much more than expected )

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Agreed - there are very clear colour and detail differences between processing 3FR files in Phocus (including converting them to fff on import) and exporting as 16-bit TIFF and in processing them in LRC, which does a poor job in converting them (using Camera Standard profile) and in applying lens corrections, but LRC does allow a wide range of settings to be applied than Phocus and has far far better masking and local adjustment AND transformation tools.