Support for Leica Q2

(TS) #1

Please add support for Leica Q2 - I upgraded to Photolab 2 for this and at the moment, can’t use the program to convert the DNG file… Thank you!

(Marie) #2

Hello @tae5895,

We will add it to the roadmap but I can’t get you a date of support yet.


(Frank ) #3

Please add support for the Leica Q2, hundreds of pictures are now waiting for me to develop with DXO Photo lab.

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(Subhash Roy) #4

Leica Q2 Support and Leica CL support would be much appreciated.
I can only use DxO for my Leica SL at the moment.

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(Alec Kinnear) #5

Prompt support of new cameras is essential to the health of PhotoLab. There’s nothing more frustrating than to acquire a new and coveted camera and wait half a year or more for support from your preferred RAW editor. I’m not in this situation now but if were, it would really worry me. Potential buyers look closely at recent camera support (I checked very carefully to make sure that all the cameras I shoot were supported by PhotoLab before jumping in).

(Frank ) #6

Still no support for the Leica Q2 with version 2.3, DXO has already tested the Leica Q2! ??
It is becoming embarrassing now! No motivation to buy more software from you!

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Agree, I’m still waiting DXO module for Leica Q2.
Do you have any date to communicate?
Thanks for your support

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Another bump to please add the Q2. Staying current is a must for a product like Photolab 2. Is the delay a result of budget cutting at DXO? Less resources to apply to updating modules?

(TS) #9

Hello Marie, any update on this? Would love to move out of the Adobe ecosystem as soon as possible!

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(Frank ) #10

4 months later and still no reaction. Neither here nor on facebook an answer, when the module for the Leica Q2 comes. Are you still working on the software, or are economic problems preventing further development?

(Ooker Berry) #11

Is there any update on the expected availability of RAW file support for the Leica Q2?

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(Marie) #12


I’m in discussion with Leica to get a Leica Q2 so we can add its support in PhotoLab but so far I can’t give you a date.


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(TS) #13

Hi Marie, thank you for the update - I was hoping the work could have been done when DXO evaluated Q2 earlier, but guess not…

Would it help for me to send you Q2’s DNG files? I’d be very happy if there can a quick (interim) fix so that Q2 files can be recognized as Q? I understand we have the MP uplift, but the lens remains the same - but again, I’m sure you are looking at all options. Thanks!


Marie, hopefully DXO will secure a Q2 soon so the module can be added. On June 5 DXO published the Q2 sensor evaluation. Great score BTW! Please help us understand why DXO didn’t start the module development at that time?


(John Barrett) #15

They are different firms after DXO went bust after the DXO One mess. Though I do wonder why, or why they don’t cooperate on testing and/or sharing cameras/lenses?

(Marie) #16


DxO Labs and DxOMark are now, since almost 2 years, 2 different companies.

But we will do Leica Q2 support as soon as we can.


(Ooker Berry) #17

Hi Marie,

Is there any update on when the Leica Q2 support will be available?

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