Support for Fujifilm X-H2S

I have been using DXO Pure Raw 2.0 for processing my RAW files from X-T4. I recently replaced the X-T4 with the new X-H2S and the RAF RAW files are not recognized by Pure Raw. I receive an error message stating “file corrupted or already processed”.

Are you planning to release a patch to handle X-H2S RAW files?


Surely they must be planning it. Hard to imagine they would announce Fuji support with the X-H2S releasing soon and then not include support for the new camera…

I just bought PureRaw today assuming it would have support, so I’m in the same boat waiting… :weary:

Lets hope DXO releases it soon!

You are in for a very long wait, DXO are very slow at supporting new cameras and appear to have fixed release dates/cycles so you’ll probably be forced into buying PureRAW v3 when it comes out like I had to with the OM-1 and it STILL isn’t supported!

+1 for Fujifilm X-H2S support… there’s a whole host of software companies already supporting the camera, shame that DXO are slow to respond.


we have started to work on the Fuji X-H2S. It’s support will be available probably in September. I will confirm it when I can.