Support any DNG file

This topic has been all over the forum over a long time. Here it comes again:

  • Please make DxO products able to display DNG files and
  • flag DNGs, that were taken with an unsupported system somehow.

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This is a huge one for me, and something I’ve been requesting for years. I have piles of DNG files from long-forgotten cameras that PL will never support. I’d be perfectly happy getting a basic raw conversion and applying a few simple corrections.


@ATL_Flaneur Try changing camera make and model in exif, per above reference. It might work for you.


I had tried this in the past with no luck. I tried it again changing, the camera name in both the EXIF and XMP data sections, and it worked!

The images are from an Olympus E-500 and the E-510 is supported (the cameras have different sensors). I had to do:

$ exiftool -m -exif:Model="E-510" -xmp:Model="E-510" P5240002.dng

Then the image rendered :slightly_smiling_face:

I do have to wonder what’s going wrong under the hood as I assume DoP is applying corrections specific to the E-510 for noise, etc.

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If you manage to trick DPL into thinking that your orange is a banana, DPL will gladly treat it as such and bake a banana bread. If you hoped to get marmalade instead, you’ll be disappointed. If you’re happy to see that it’s a fruit, then you found the way.


DXO is worried that if you import linear DNG files, PhotoLab won’t “deliver a full PL experience” – which is why they would rather not allow you ANY PL experience if your files are not on their approved list.

I also think that this would make DxO PL a lot more useful than it already is.
I see some not so recently introduced cameras still not supported, and I understand very well that it is very difficult to provide profiles for all models. As a potential purchaser or such a camera, I would really much much much prefer “non optimal support” than “no support” (and either try to hack DNGs to still process the files, or just move on to another RAW processor).

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Rather, it is getting PL to treat the orange like an orange, even though the sign at the door says “No Oranges Allowed.”

I just came across this problem wanting to import DNGs from two apps: Topaz JPG to RAW and Monochrome2DNG. I must have been naive in thinking DNG files were a standard format and that anything that accepted DNG would read any DNG, but no.

The link indicates the DNG files supported by PhotoLab. DNG files created as output from the various Topaz products are not supported and can’t be opened in PhotoLab. It is possible that DNG files created by other software may also work in PhotoLab, but they would not be officially supported.


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