Suggestion one Firmware and Software Update

Hi There. I would like to suggest a couple of feature.
First of all would it be interesting to recall from sleep the camera just pressing the top button. I’ll explain better. When the camera is connected and you move to sleep mode if goes off to turning on the only thing i can do is close the frontal swiping door and reopen it. But when you using the filter adaptor is a bit annoying as you have to be careful not to drop it etc. Would be amazing if you can turn on the camera just pressing the top button and the function might be available just if the camera recognise the frontal door is open.

Another nice addition this time in the software would be to add sort of preset like Fuji Film has on their new camera at least on the JPG.


Hi there. Anyone from DXO telling me you taking in consideration my suggestion? It’s a great camera but it’s annoying to close and reopen the sliding doors anytime the camera goes off.
Is there a chance that you can integrate in a firmware update the option to turn on the camera again just pressing the top button? Or leave the sleep mode permanent avoiding the camera to go off?

I hope someone from DXO will reply to this.

Hi Marco, your suggestion is totally relevant especially when the filter adaptor is fixed to the camera but unfortunately it cannot be done by a simple firmware update. Waking up the camera like you suggest would need a hardware modification which implies a new generation of the camera.

Thank you for the reply. So eventually is there a way by firmware to add an option to avoid the camera to go to turn off? Or leave the camera in sleep mode indefinitely? Could be an alternative solution?