Sub folder view

It seems quite odd that such as a complex piece of software is not capable of showing all photos within a folder subfolders.
This is especially important for people who are migrating from other photo apps and the fact that DXO is not using a catalogue system.


The tree view in DPL is actually a slightly customized instance of the Windows TreeView control (the same control as in Windows Explorer) which doesn’t directly support enumeration of items contained in the sub folders of the selected folder. However, recursively listing these items, displaying them in the image browser and making this an option shouldn’t be that difficult. It should be noted that such a behavior may also affect other parts of the program (e.g. batch processing). Since this feature has not been foreseen during the UI design, this might make its implementation more difficult than expected.

I support the idea, though.

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Thanks for the reply.
I am evaluating DXO and so far have mixed feelings. I like the processing power but everything else requires some serious attention mostly UI and UI bugs and some minimal form of a DAM.