Strange behaviour of image compare with ViewPoint

I am observing a strange (resp. unexpected) behaviour of the image compare function when using Viewpoint for perspective correction - as soon as volume deformation correction is being used additionally.

In such cases, the compare button with the selection “no corrections (with geometry)” takes the perspective correction into account, but not the correction of the volume deformation. This leads to “jumping previews” when clicking the compare button.

To me, this appears as a bug: since volume deformation correction is exactly the same kind of “geometry correction” as the perspective correction itself, it should be handled exactly the same way.

Yes, I quickly tried and can confirm this behaviour (Win 10). The Volume deformation correction is not “covered” by the compare button – no idea, if bug or designed like this.

This reminds me on this discussion where the outcome was that lens distortion correction is also not covered by “with geometry”. Perhaps DxO sees volume deformation similar to a lens distortion correction.

I’d also rather see no “jumping” at all for comparison, regardless of which kind of geometry/lens correction was applied.

Good morning guys,

Yes, you are right. We should think on that.

Svetlana G.