Store location

(Sven) #1

I am using Photolab 2.
when i use HDR Efex from Photolab, it works fine.
Tiff is exported and opend in HDR Efex, but when i store ist, it is always
stored in the windows documents folder, not in its original folder…

Any Ideas?

(Melbourne, Australia) #2

Yes !

Instead of using the “SAVE” button on the bottom right, go to the File menu at top left, and choose Save Image as … this allows you to select where you want the image to be saved - and it will “remember” this location for next time.

Regards, John M

(Sven) #3

Thank you for the Input, works fine.
I dont like that i am loosing the original name with the addon *dxo_hdr
and i have always to choose from where the originals where.
Is there no option to say, save it always in its origin position?

Kind Regards