Stop deleting existing local adjustments when adding local adjustment presets

Currently when we apply a preset with local adjustments, the existing local adjustments are deleted. (This also happens when copying local adjustments) Can DXO change it so that the new local adjustments are added to the existing ones, rather than deleting them?

I understand an image can’t have 2 different global settings (like exposure). But, the local adjustment palette allows for multiple settings so I hope DXO will allow new local adjustments to be added on top of old ones, instead of deleting them.

This should also address another user request to add a check mark for local adjustments so we know if there are existing adjustments that will be deleted when pasting settings. If people prefer existing settings to be deleted, an option can be added to Paste Selected Settings.

While this may seem like a small issue, this upgrade should attract high volume pros who discount PL because they can’t quickly edit large number of photos with custom presets for multiple local adjustments (ie, skin, eye, teeth, dodge, burning etc.). With control points that can be added via presets, DXO would have a truly unique feature that is faster and BETTER than anything else.

I’ve added my vote, abbi - - - On the following point, tho;

… does this not provide this info already; image ?

John M

… does this not provide this info already; image ?

Thanks John. This is embarrassing. I was referencing one of your old posts about local adjustments. I assumed you wanted the check mark so you would know if your existing adjustments would be overwritten. But after re-reading your post, you never said that. My apologies!

No problem, abbi - - The request you refer to was made before LAs were included as one of the tools on the palette - - now that it’s there, my request is satisfied.


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I voted but i am afraid it’s a big issue to implement.
I don’t know but i gues the local adjustments are stored as a pointer on a grid/raster.
Tagged with the adjustment tool type and adjustmentlevels

For instance a controlpoint set on a red place in the image and then placed on yellow place would be needed to be updated. (controlpoints are color and luminance selective)

A no over write action would be causing pointer collisions. Double entry in the grid/raster data.

I hope someone from dxo staff can helpout to explain if it’s possible to “stack” local adjustment “griddata”
If so then it’s relative easy(in my head :yum:), just copy from the localadjustment list in the toolpallet to the other list. Griddata transfer
(in your case make a vc place your full list in there and move over the one’s you need to the master.)

Thanks, I was thinking if the conflict could be managed when manually adding a control point, then the same technique could be used when adding it with a preset. But if that isn’t true, then the local adjustments could be automatically turned off when adding thru presets thus avoiding the conflict you mention.