Star Ratings/Searches

What am I missing guys - how on earth do I delete star ratings applied to images? In PL 2.0.1. when I click on the zero it just changes the colour of the stars from gold to white (or the reverse) and they still show up in the search. Also how do I delete search folders no longer required?


Seem to have sorted the star ratings - can only delete them from within the image browser/dam. Still cannot find a way to delete search folders though?

I discovered the star rating can be changed by clicking directly on them in the image browser.

Click the X on the search results to delete the results folder.

Nope clicking the x to the right of the search results clears the search but leaves an empty search folder! Hopefully I am using the correct x (see image)



Perhaps I don’t understand. When I input a search title into the “Search for Images” field, I get two returns: one looks like a folder icon, the other looks like a text icon (I don’t understand the difference. Both return files.). If one is clicked, the image browser fills. If the X at the end of the search field is clicked, the image browser empties. Isn’t this what you mean by deleting the search folder?

Hi John,

I have entered two searches - one for 1 star and one for 5. I have two search folders therefore (see image). I cannot however delete the search folders, which tsill show 1 and 5 star. I can change their value via the search dialogue box but I cannot delete the folders.