Is anyone using the Spydercheckr24 in PhotoLab? The software that comes with the checkr24 has preset outputs for Lightroom, ACR and Phocus.

In the past, I used Kodak color strips manually to get my color balance looking good. I suppose I could do the same here by eyeballing the color chart I add to a sample image but if this can be automated, it would be nicer.

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(Christian) #2

I do not own a color checker (yet). For me it would be interesting to know if a software like Lumariver DP http://www.lumariver.com/#DownloadLumariverPD is able to generate DCP profiles which are usable in PL.

I could imagine the workflow may be cumbersome if several different lighting situations have to be corrected.

(Platypus) #3

You can use .dcp and .icc profiles in PhotoLab but cannot create them with it.

(Jon Bauer) #4

Hm. I have one of these…


How do I use it with PhotoLab? It looks like I can set middle grey only.

In that vdeo, using Photoshop, they set black, middle grey, and white…

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