Sony A7RIV raw support?

Does anyone know anything about DXO Photolab 2 support for Sony A7RIV raw files? I probably will buy this camera within a few months. Any information is welcome.
Thank you.

Based on this it will be available October 2019

Thank you Sigi. That’ s what I just read also. 29-10 to be more specific. Should have searched beter before asking this question. Thank you again.

The problem I have with this (and the Canon EOS 90D/M6 Mark II Support 2019.11) is: there is no PhotoLab-version marked: maybe it is only with the next one.

In the meantime I have bought the Sony A7RIV a couple of weeks ago. All I can say, is that it is really difficult not being able to use my favorite program here (DXO PL2). I hope you are right Sigi and that support will come this month! Can someone confirm this (again)? I cannot wait; a nuisance to shoot Jpegs or use Affinity right now…no comparison to what I’ m used to (PL2).
Ok with PL3 as well (if there is A7RIV support RAW files).
Thank you again!

Any joy with A7RIV RAW support?

Hello Peter. Yes, works fine!