Some (UI) improvements I'd love to see

(Bob van Ooik) #21

Yes but this centres the crop, I often need to shift the crop to the left or the right (up/down) to get the right composition. at that point i often overshoot the borders. This costs me a lot of time in my workflow.

(Alec Kinnear) #22

What works for me is to set the crop aspect ratio – say 1 to 1 – and then move the whole block just where I want it on the image. It’s much easier to avoid overshooting when moving the whole block. The way you do that is to have autocrop and then set the aspect ratio which will give you about the right size within the image but probably the wrong positioning.

Of course, an option to constrain manual cropping to within the image wouldn’t be a bad idea. Not sure how to add it to the interface without making the whole cropping system much much more complicated.

(Pascal) #23

Long-standing request :frowning:
This functionality exists on ViewPoint Standalone and plug-in.


(Alec Kinnear) #24

Interesting: prior art. Any possibility you could share a screenshot of the interface, Monsieur, with an explanation of how to toggle between constrained and non-constrained?

(Pascal) #25

Wait a few weeks for a BIG gift from me :wink:

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(Alec Kinnear) #26

I’m fine with the way cropping works now. I don’t have an issue with stopping at the image bounds when I do have to free hand it (I usually start by autocrop and then crop in and not out.