Some bugs (v1 & 2, Win10)

  1. In the last build of vers 1 I could export to LR and it would open but couldn’t export back once finished there. Had to write a TIFF and open it in PL. Earlier builds didn’t have this problem if memory serves.
    Haven’t yet tried this in v2.

  2. Sometimes when a file has been edited the star indicator in the thumbnail doesn’t appear. v1 & 2

  3. Re the slider in the thumbnail section of Customize: if I click in the bar to the left of the slider the focus moves but a click to the right of the slider usually does nothing. v2

  4. It’s said to be possible in Crop to draw a box with the mouse. I can only do this if starting the box outside the frame. v1 & 2

  5. Not a bug but an irritation … the crop option when activated starts with Constrained. Editing is repetitive and we are usually doing the same thing over again with the results of a shoot. Can we have it start with the last choice? v1 & 2

(Svetlana G.) #2

Hello @Ziggy99,

Thank you for the feedback.

Well, actually, there are 2 ways:
1 - When you use this menu option:
In this case the image will be transferred in its original state.
2 - And the second one is to use Export function like this:

In this case the output from LR will have the corrections done (unless you select the Original in the output settings) and you can see it in PL.

  • Are you talking about this icon?
  • Well, you can’t start to draw a new crop rectangle inside the existing one (which is the case by default) but you can modify the existing one like this:

And about the storing the Aspect Ratio:

  • If you select one and the same image which was modified with the Crop the aspect ration is stored the same. But if you select another image (DxO Standard is usually applied by default) it’s not possible as Crop is a part of a default preset.
    So here you can have a way out by creating your custom preset with the Aspect ratio you want and set it as a default preset.

Svetlana G.


Thanks for your reply Svetlana.

  1. OK, yes, export/reimport is working in v2. Thanks.

  2. No, not the rating stars but the star (asterisk?) at the top left of the thumbnail.

  3. Crop - draw box. Yes, I see. Thanks.
    I’m coming from LR where you can draw a box inside the frame.

  4. Default aspect ratio for cropping. Well, I’ve added Crop -> Unconstrained to my own most commonly used preset.

(Greg) #4

#2: The star in the upper left corner indicates that PRIME noise reduction is applied.


Thanks EG.

(Svetlana G.) #6

Yes, @Egregius is correct this asterisk is for PRIME (if you apply it on the image the icon appears):


Svetlana G.

(Greg) #7

I must admit that I used to think that asterisk indicated an edited image, too. Maybe I got used to the modern approach to icons in software (especially for mobile devices), which relies more on intuition than on textual aids. But with document editing and some other processes, a star means there are unsaved edits. It’s an established convention. Eventually, I realized my interpretation was wrong and so re-read the pertinent parts of the PhotoLab guide. It still bugs me a bit - but it is useful, as there are times I’d like to know if I turned PRIME on or off. I assume the icon is there mainly because processing with PRIME will take a lot longer than not using it.