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If I have understood the way that PL6 works, and I am using an sRGB monitor, I am not going to see the same colours as my exported images unless I enable soft proofing. However, when SP is enabled PhotoLab advises me to work on a virtual copy, so now life is more complicated than using previous PL versions.

What’s more, when SP is enabled there are large white spaces to the sides, or a white border around, the image depending on how far it is zoomed. This is incredibly distracting! What is the point of having a “dark” app and then adding a highly contrasting and eye catching white space around the image?

I’ve decided to phrase the following as “requirements” and not as a technical solution, I leave that to yourselves and the experts on this forum.

REQUIREMENT: When I use an sRGB monitor to edit a raw image that will later be exported as an sRGB image, I need to see colours on the monitor as they will appear in the exported image.

REQUIREMENT: The user interface must enable me to focus on editing my images without distraction.

For me, PL5 met both of these requirements but PL6 can only meet one or the other and cannot meet both at the same time.

Many thanks, Peter

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There is a preference where you can change this border colour.

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Good to know, never checked this. Though a bit different, of course again :wink: on Mac.


Thanks very much for the information, being able to change the background colour does make the feature usable.

I did find that making the SP background colour identical to the main background colour was rather fiddly. It would be a lot easier if there was a checkbox that disabled the SP background colour slider and just used the value set for the other windows.

Best wishes, Peter

I am impressed, Peter !! … You have sussed-out what I’ve spent hours (literally !!) in trying to explain in a request I initiated to address exactly this issue.

  • It’s not limited to sRGB monitors … tho, less likely to be noticed with wider-gamut devices.

You might be interested in voting for it here; Fix to avoid being caught-out if NOT using Soft Proofing

John M

Peter, you are really spoiled. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: