Smart Lighting has no effect at all on some DNGs

I had exported 2 of your dng-files as tif to Nik HDR2
and could then apply Smart Lighting on the tif-hdr-file. :man_genie:

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hmmm. That doesn’t sound like fun though I appreciate solutions and solution oriented thinking.
Less than committed to using DXO, I am committed to finding a new photo editing program/suite that is intuitive to me, does what it says, and does it well. I have this long list of things I had to learn workarounds for in Adobe so I would remember I had been taught wrong.
By now, I am programmed to do a bunch of stuff on autopilot that, on a functioning program would be wrong.

Though you do believe it will be fixed?
Just like Adobe fixes stuff; it takes 30+ minutes to save as PNG in Photoshop and has for over a year. I have no such issue elsewhere, including LRC.
These things are nails on chalkboard to me. =D
I’m not learning photography so I can be good at working around flawed products. And in order to get that good, I’d have to have experience with them working in the first place. HAHA!

To summarize this single reply;
You believe it will be fixed?
What is your experience with their turnaround time on addressing bugs?

Yes but you will need to report the bug at This is a users forum and while it is monitored by DxO there is no guarantee that they will see this thread.

The fix may take anywhere from days to months. Sorry I can’t be more helpful.


Maybe @sgospodarenko can help on this.

Or they may kick it into the long grass as with the Sony a lens distance not working in Window’s

Sadly she is no longer the chief forum admin, she has been assigned to other duties. I miss her bright and helpful posts.

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Correct, that was one of the darkest moments in the DXO Forum when Svetlana decided to stop communicating with old men.
Good luck on your new paths and may our light accompany you
:rofl: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :star_struck:


Tried this today with one of the affected files (DJI_0770.DNGs) – and yes, now one can make use of SmartLighting (checked w/ Spot Weighted).
But more importantly, the application of DeepPrime XD (standard settings) improved a lot to the otherwise quite mushy details (visible at 100%).


Great detective work everyone, including the two workarounds.

Has anyone tested on PhotoLab 5? PhotoLab 5 is not missing much from PhotoLab 6. YooperSoul could just process these images in PhotoLab 5 and other cameras in PhotoLab 6 until the bug is fixed.