Smart/auto selection of NR processing mode

It would be great if PureRAW could have an “auto” mode that selects which type of of NR processing to use, for example, on the basis of the camera & ISO used to take a photo. If batch processing a large number of photos all at different ISO’s it isn’t necessary to always use DeepPrime e.g. for an ISO100 image on my Nikon Z6ii only the basic HQ level of NR is needed, so it would be great if PureRAW had an auto the best NR to use which could increase processing time significantly when processing lots of images

I would never use HQ on a raw image. DeepPRIME gives far better results 100% of the time regardless of the ISO setting, DxO will never update PureRAW or PhotoLab to automatically use HQ NR instead of the far superior DeepPRIME, or DeepPRIME XD which will eventually be added to PureRAW. It is just not going to happen. PureRAW was specifically developed around DeepPRIME with its intended use for every raw file.


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