Slowdown for Deep Prime and XD in PL6 on subsequent image

On the first image transferred from LRc, Deep Prime or Deep Prime XD runs quite quickly (typically 13-15 seconds for a 45 MP image). Sometimes subsequent images will also be fast, but if the second image is from a different camera/lens combo, the processing time extends dramatically to 3 to 5 minutes. Note that Prime processing times are not affected, so this appears to be a GPU issue. Once the program slows down, it stays slow even if I exit PL and LR and restart. If I reboot, it comes back to normal (until it hangs again). I have found that if I exit both PL and LR and then clear standby memory with RamMap and then restart both LR and PL the problem goes away until it recurs with a 2nd or subsequent image. Computer is i9-9900K with 64GB ram and GTX 1080 with 4k monitor. I realize this GPU is older than the recommended minimum, but it does work fine until it doesn’t and the computer is overall still quite fast. I would appreciate any thoughts you might have re solving this problem.

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Version 6.1.1 seems to have solved the problem.

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I have the same problem on 6.2.0 build 41 DEMO

Worked fine for a few days, speedy and quick, now after reboots I have an image that takes minutes/forever to finish. Is it something about DeepPrime XD? Starts doing quickly and after 1/3 of the way it bogs down.

Haha, noobie mistake. Deep Prime XD denoising was the reason for sudden slowness in export :grin: