Since we dont have the feature yet, what do you use to apply watermarks?

Just curious what everyone uses to apply watermarks to photos after they are finished in PhotoLab

Photoshop CS6

I take the tiff created by DxO PL to Affinity Photo, where I can add a watermark or a logo, as I like.

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I use Exif Wmarker.

Affinity Photo or CS5 (I know right? soon to be dinosaur).

  • you can always download Darktable as you can do it there too, free software.

Photo Resizer can batch watermark, resize etc and is free.

I use it for competitions where the DPI / sizes change for each contest.

Much easier and quicker than doing them one by one in Affinity.

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I never watermark the master file. When I do a watermark it inevitably involves more processes all based on the master.

I use scripted action(s) in Photoshop. It can be standalone (just watermark) but is usually part of other processes in a chained sequence such as image resizing (plus changing the dpi), change color profile and bit depth, and then sharpening, and on and on.

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I use Lightroom when I need one.

I use XnViewMp, easy to use, with many tools and free …


I use Irfan, easy to use, with many tools and free …