Sigma 28mm f/1.4 DG HSM Art module?


Does staff read these forums? I’m wondering when this lens will have a module, particularly for the EOS R. It wasn’t released with 2.2, though I realize it’s a pretty new lens…it’s not even on the roadmap yet. I submitted a question to support and got a garbled English response “noting my interest” with no further deliberation.

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Hello @twoheadedboy81,

Yes, we read the Forum :slight_smile: . @Marie could you, please, have a look?

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Hello @twoheadedboy81,

we read the forum and if the support gave you “noting my interest” answer it’s probably a mistake with another lens without considering they never answer like that.

Sigma 28mm F1.4 DG HSM Art will be in our roadmap, there is no doubt about that. It’s just right now I can’t give a date of support.

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My concern is that it’s not listed here at all:

For instance, the Canon EOS RP body is listed as being supported in September as of ver. 2.5…while I’m sure that’s an approximate, that suggests support for this lens of any kind is at least 6 months out and possibly not coming during the ver. 2.x release cycle at all. Very disappointing considering how long I already had to wait to get EOS R support, after trading in my 5D MK IV and realizing my DxO software was now basically useless for the purpose I bought it for.

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Adobe users are also asking this, but but they have been given hope of before September!


Bump. Any updates? I got the 2.2.1 update, roadmap still doesn’t even mention this lens, even though it mentios the other new Sigma lenses :frowning:


Bump again. Still not listed.

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I certainly understand your frustration, but in the meantime, have you tried adjusting for that lens manually in the geometry pallete?


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I know what the software is capable of. I am interested in an auto-magical-module for a lens made by the most popular 3rd party manufacturer in the line most relevant to users of this software.

And as of 2.2.3, it is still not even on the roadmap.

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And now 2.3 is out, still doesn’t have a module, still not even on the roadmap.


@Marie anything? You indicated it would be on the roadmap, and that was almost 3 months ago.


@sgospodarenko any updates? Doesn’t seem like anyone’s “reading the site” now.

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Hello @twoheadedboy81,

Actually I do not have any info about the schedule of the lenses. Let’s better ask @Marie .

Svetlana G.


Well I already tagged her almost 3 weeks ago, and that was after over 3 months ago she said it would be added to the roadmap and it hasn’t happened, so I’m not very hopeful at this point.


@sgospodarenko is there anyone else who might know and will actually respond?

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Good morning,

Let me call her to draw attention first.

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sorry Id idn’t reply.
We really intend to do an optic profile for the Sigma 28mm F1.4 but infortunately I can’t give you a date of support and that’s why I haven’t added it to the roadmap.



This is unbelievable. Sigma is one of the major lens brands and you can’t even project when you’ll have support for the lens - on ANY camera. I upgraded my software in November in good faith and had to wait 4 additional months for EOS R support (6 total from the release date), for which I did not complain even though it was unreasonable.

If there’s no projection then it seems like it’s not going to happen within my subscription term according to how far out you are projecting other modules, so maybe a YEAR from the release date at best…terrible. Lesson learned - I won’t be paying for any further versions of your software until all of my equipment is supported and will be researching other alternatives in the meantime such as Perfectly Clear, because your support is ineffective at best, and as you can see from the history of this thread, unresponsive and unhelpful, whether through the official ticketing system or the forums.

The better response would have been to involve a product person who CAN answer the question. If you “intend” to support it, it’s on a product backlog somewhere, and if it’s on a backlog then the completion date can be anticipated within a range, whether or not you personally have that information. If no one can answer that question, it’s basically a lie that there’s an intent to complete it, at least until some other outside force intervenes.

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I know this was slow but for lenses and cameras support we can’t buy all what is put on te market and so we depend on makers for loans and they can take some time.
But good news we received the Sigma 28mm F1.4 in Canon mount recently and will add its support at the end of July.


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What would be great Marie is if when there is a version which probably behaves very similarly on two mounts (Canon and Nikon versions of Sigma lenses), DxO could calculate out a preliminary version of the lens for both systems after testing one. Of course catching up with real world testing to improve profiles is more than welcome, but it would allow DxO to move at twice the pace on brand new lenses.

On a similar topic, it seems to me that end users should be able to pick alternative lenses. I shoot some older lenses which have very similar modern equivalents. I’d like to be able to pick an alternative (as no original profile exists) profile for the Lens Sharpening palette.