Sharpening settings for Olympus for Olympus EM5.3

I’m very happy with the processing of my .ORF files with PL5, I find however, that my images seem a bit over sharpened with default settings in PL. Could other OLY users share their sharpening settings please? I don’t seem to able to find an optimum setting.

Have you tried lowering the Lens Sharpness adjustment sliders? I find the amount of sharpness this generates varies by lens. With most lenses, I’m happy with the default settings. But a few lenses require that I lower the top slider to somewhere between -1.3 and -0.7. And I’ve noticed some users around here like to lower it a lot farther, around -2.

I’ve yet to see more than a very subtle change using the Details and Bokeh sliders. Most of the time, I find they make no difference at all.

Thanks for the response. I’ll try that