Setting Picture Styles in Photolab3 ?

How do I set Picture Styles in Photolab3? For example, when post-processing portraits, I’d like to see the same type contrast as in other editing programs where the picture style matches that set in the camera, or Vivid/Landscapes when shooting non-human subjects.

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You can use presets and color renderings for that. But DxO doesn’t try to replicate the built-in picture styles of all cameras.

You asked that question in the “what feature do you need” section. If that is a feature you’d like to see you should formulate your requirement a bit more detailed, e.g. with a concrete example or description of your desired workflow that you use (which picture style on which camera, what is the specific effect you’re looking for, why not possible with presets, …). Also you should vote for it yourself.

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… choose a DCP (or ICC) profile from one of your other processors to expand possibilities. Going this way lets DCP emulate picture styles from cameras that are supported by your other processors like Lr, C1 etc.

You can also create your own picture styles in the respective manufacturer’s apps. Canon Picture Style Editor is the one from Canon and for Canon cameras (not DPL)

Adobe’s DNG profile editor lets you do things too…

Keep in mind that third party post-processing software that simulates your camera’s built-in picture styles are only giving you a rough approximation of the actual styles, and are often very inaccurate. If you own a Canon or Nikon camera, the only way to get the accurate built-in camera styles applied to your raw files is by using their own proprietary software.

Photolab does have a number of built-in presets for different looks. I’m glad that DXO avoids giving us renditions of a cameras built-in styles since they would be pretty meaningless and would falsely give the impression that they represent a camera’s actual built-in styles.


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That’s what PL does with the feature
Color Rendering / Camera body / …

PL simulates direct JPEG rendering of any type of DC according to proprietary algorithms (“standard” style only) to standardize the rendering of a report made with different DCs.
This rendering makes it possible to benefit from the character of a DC (E.g: to give standard JPEG rendering of an EOS-5D II to photos of a D-800).


Yes, but since third-party software companies don’t have access to Canon’s rendering algorithms they have to reverse-engineer them and are therefore an approximation and don’t give you the exact results you would get for a 5D Mark II in DPP.

A lot of 3rd party software like ON1 and Lightroom provide pre configured choices of picture styles with names that seem to imply they are identical to the original in-camera picture style presets. They aren’t. I learned long ago when I was a Lightroom user and also used Canon’s DPP that a picture style like vivid, for example, looked completely different in Lightroom’s rendition when compared to Canon’s version. I think software using those style names are doing their customers a disservice since they imply using them against your raw files give you similar results as a jpeg SOOC.


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