SEL18135 Sony lens

(Miguel Discart) #21


Can we have a more precise date or will it, once again, be delayed?

(John Barrett) #22

This is getting like the DxO one!


I love PhotoLab but stuff like this does make me wonder if I should rely on it. Adobe is as solid as a rock. Maybe that is the one benefit of a subscription. My own lenses are all supported but I could be in the same boat if I purchase additional kit. Not good.

(Marie) #24

Hello @miguel.discart,

support of Sony E 18-135mm will be added this week.

Again I’m sorry for the delay.
Lab team as other has been impacted by the event of this year and we need to catch up with support of lenses and cameras. We are working hard for that.

best regards,

(Marie) #25

Support of E18-135mm has been released yesterday.
Modules are available of OP11, PL1 or PL2 depending on version you have and if camera is supported by that version.