Search for rated images in the PhotoLibrary


when reviewing my photos, i usually mark all the photos i intend to delete with a red dot (reject) and also set the filter to not show these photos. Some photos are rated, too

Is it possible to search the photolibrary for images that are tagget with a rating (0-5 stars / red/green)?

Yes you can searching by rating but not by trafficlight.

@Pieloe thank you for that hint. it works :wink:

@sgospodarenko is there something planned to search for the traffic lights in future versions?


Could you please implement the feature “searching by green dot”? Because this would be very useful for finding the good pictures in the database.

Because some pictures have 1 star, some 2, etc. and how should i find pictures that have any star?

Hi there,
This is something we also want for PL…


Thx for the quick response.

So it will be implemented in the next version or update?

I don’t use lightroom, that’s why i am interested in good managing features. In addition, some ‘regular expressions’ like OR or UNTIL (e.g. 4-5 star, date > 2019) would be nice.