Search by folder name Photolab 2.3.1/Mac?

(Atha) #1

is just me or it is not possible yet, to Search by folder name in Photolab 2.3.1/Mac?
Thank you very much.


Check out Managing & searching


(Atha) #3

What do you mean?

(Barry Sachais) #4

Howdytom meant for you to click on the link he provided which will bring you to the section in HELP .

PhotoLab help for managing and searching

(Atha) #5

Thank you but as you should probably thought I did that before post this question and found no solutions.


It’s not possible to search through folder recursively in DxO PhotoLab, at least for Mac. The help section mentiones that a searching folder name is supported on Windows. As you may have noticed searching is limited to EXIF data, File name, File extension type (Mac), Star grade.

Workaround: You can lookup your files using macOS Finder or Windows Explorer. I do recommend to open a feature request.

(Atha) #7

Thanks a lot for the suggestion. I did that already.
I use the Mac search engine, as usual, but it is as you say, a workaround
Looking forward for this and other improvements.