Running PureRaw2 in Linux with WINE

I would like to share my experience running DxO - Pure Raw 2 in Linux (Debian 11) by means of WINE. There are some topics about running Pure Raw 2 in Linux, but here I will share HOW I achieve it and the actual drawbacks I have experienced.

1 - Install WINE and WINETRICKS in your linux system ( ) . To check the Wine and Winetricks version you are running open a terminal and type:

wine --version
 ---> in my case: wine-7.0.1

sudo winetricks --self-update
—> in my case: The current version is 20220411-next

2 . Then execute in the terminal WINETRICKS:


Run winecfg and fix Windows version (note: Pure Raw 2 does not work with Windows 10 ), so I have selected : Windows 8.1

Install Windows DLL or component:

Load only one DLL: vcrun2019: Visual C++ 2015 - 2019 (libraries requested mfc140 and mfc140u

Run explorer and double click on the Pure Raw 2 installation file (DXO_PureRaw_v2.exe )

Follow the conventional installation process as you were in Windows.

3. Wine will create a direct access in your Linux applications menu.


Note I could use only HQ and Prime … but not DeepPrime (I think it is a matter of memory resources allocated by WINE)

I hope this will help all of you who loves PURE RAW 2 but are running LINUX operative systems until an indigenous version of Pure Raw 2 is prepared.

If you have additional tips about:

  • - How to run the program in Windows 10 operative system of WINE
  • - How to configure WINE with enough resources to run DeepPrime functionalites

they will be very welcome !!

Regards, Luis Benítez

( You can find these instructions in video format -in Spanish - you can click here: )

I’ll be beyond stunned if that ever happens.

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