RGB White Balance slider does not work (PL5)


I was quickly looking for batch processing using TIFFsthere it is. :slight_smile:

The link is about how I’ve been doing with pics for photobooks (print shop), as I needed a ‘viable’ solution (it’s more a workaround) for mass colour correction based on some softproofing, which PL didn’t offer yet. The goal was to warm up the pics, that otherwise would come out to cold.

here a snippet

>> Synchronization <<
Pictures for a print collection or photo book are (usually) taken with indivual color settings.

TIFF’s are finished files and as such contain no more information about colour temperature. Only with that it is possible to mass correct all pictures at once, with exactly the same settings

Before I exported them as JPG … I quickly went through the collection to see if it worked – and to retry with those needing an extra cure.

It turns out that this has been discussed with DxO before, a lot, and they plan to fix it but no hurry:

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…and no hurry is more than 3 years without solving a problem?? :rofl:

@Guenterm I wrote this but never posted it!

@Egregius Unless I have read the date wrongly that was back in April 2019!!??

Abandon hope all who enter here

The issue that they don’t even release the software with proper identification was raised some time ago! It got worse with the DxPL5 release and has never recovered.

Sadly, while an excellent product it lacks features, has long standing issues that urgently need fixes, while it seeks for new features in an attempt to try to drive up new sales. Keeping existing customers “happy” brings in some revenue, providing they are convinced that the upgrade is worth it but capturing new customers brings in more revenue!?

@maderafunk nice bit of pseudo-code, if only programming was quite that easy. Although passing the reference point to the “slider” logic and adjusting the display to reflect that “new” position shouldn’t be too difficult given that they already have some “model” code to work from!

The quote that @Egregius highlighted stated

and where did this information come from @Wolfgang?

i.e. this “area” is open and it looks as if work is going to be done for RGB images so @DxO_Support-Team perhaps now would be an appropriate time to fix this particular issue!

it was for those, who never read the release notes – sorry couldn’t resist :slight_smile:

@Wolfgang I suspected as much which is why I had “sat” on the post (I was going to check) but then I thought what would give @Wolfgang a chance for a “cheap shot” and you just had to take it …???

ok – what else?

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