ReTouch Broken PL6

On my mac (Retina 27" 5K, 32GB RAM, Radeon Pro 570) running the latest version on Monterey the issue occurs almost every time after erasing/retouching and then zooming in or out. Spent 25 minutes ‘cleaning up’ a beach scene at 100% only to have ALL edits lost as soon as I changed magnification… totally repeatable.


Yeah. It’s not great is it.

I have given up on PL6 for now and gone back to PL5.

Would be nice if DXO would acknowledge if this is actually being investigated.
They took the time to move it to the Mac sub forum now it’s been identified as a Mac issue but a quick ‘we are on it’ would be nice.

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It’s a pretty big bug! The recent 6.01 update didn’t resolve it. Hopefully the next one will. It would be nice if they produced a more detailed change log with updates too, as “minor bug fixes” is not that informative. Also had to go back to V5 for any serious retouching jobs.

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BTW, PL4 (macOS version) had a significant bug/feature. There was an unclear limit as to how many retouched spots the application could cope with. At some stage the application would simply choke and die. This was most probably connected to memory allocation and such. The cure was to kill the offending .dop file and simply do spot removal and retouch work on an exported file with say Photoshop. I did not try to test if PL5 had the same problem and kept retouch spotting down to a low number of instances, like 20-30 instead of 50 to 100 instances. Quite possibly not only the number of instances was a factor. The size of the retouch spots was probably also an issue.

Seems I spoke too soon.

PL5 has decided today what it really really wants to do is crash. And crash and crash :exploding_head:

Of all the software on my MBP DxO PL in any version is the only software to have ever crashed.
Drives me mad. The results speak for themselves with my Fuji files but the instability I experience is not worth it I’m feeling.

Time to try PureRAW with LRc.

Anyway. I digress but once again DPL is testing my ability to continue using it.

Uh… too many retouch instances in PL4, and most likely also PL5, will make the application suicidal. Problem is solved by removing the offending .dop files and flushing the database. The number of maximum “allowed” instances seems to vary, and might also be dependent on the size of the retouch spots. This is a well known problem.

Not a single correction done. New directory and boom crash. Deleted database and no improvement. Moved file location. No improvement. Just doesn’t like those files for some reason it seems.

Ironically PL6 doesn’t crash. Go figure!

Edit: And now PL5 is back to working fine!

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Yes… but what is happening here is different. Just 2 or 3 applications of ‘retouch’, change view magnification - all gone. Retouch masks lost. Totally repeatable.

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Yes, of course. This new bug in PL6 is absolutely brilliant! It took me approx 20 minutes of use of PL6 on launch day to discover it. –And yes… everything is repeatable.

I, too, have experienced this malady. Not just in PL6 but un earlier versions, also. The retouch tool is truly vital in my work. This resulted in my shelving Photolab and hoping that this will be resolved. Photolab has so much going for it that this Achilles Heal is a true detriment.

11 days and not a peep from DxO.

Not saying I would expect a fix. I have no idea how easy or otherwise this is going to be.
The complete silence however is, in my opinion, poor.

Are we going to see a fix before users trials expire?
There must be about 2 weeks left on those assuming a day one download.

I’m not sure I’d personally be willing to stump up the cash at a later date without being sure it was sorted yet and being unable to test due to the trial potentially expiring beforehand.

Surely someone from @DxO_Support-Team or any of the many DxO staff who frequent the forums can at the very least reassure Mac users that this is being dealt with.

Whilst I personally (and I’m sure others can too) get around this by doing what I need in PL before sending to LRc not everyone can or wants to use another application.

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Hello, sorry for the late reply. We were already looking into that issue, a fix is going to be released in the next days.


Thank you for the update.

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Great. Appreciate that!

So just updated to 6.02.2 build 26 and testing very quickly on the picture I initially noticed the issue with shows everything to now be working as expected in regards to the ReTouch function.

So for everyone who has been experiencing this bug definitely update asap.


Je confirme : la mise à jour 6.02.2 build 26 a éliminé le problème chez moi.

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