Restoring Presets

(Peleg) #1

I’m trying to retrieve my personal Presets after my computer died. What is the pathway to these saved Presets? I can’t seem to get them directly from my Time Machine HDD. Maybe I can drag them to my Mac Mini but I need to know where to put them so that DXO will find and restore them. Are they the plist files? Thanks for any help here!


Try, user>Library>DxO PhotoLab v2

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(Peleg) #3

Nope, that ain’t it either.

(Pascal) #4

~/Library/DxO PhotoLab v2/Presets


(Sigi) #5

Hello Peleg,

you can copy them just to your desktop and then use the “import” function.


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(Platypus) #6

Here are the locations of some essential files of DPL
License files


Personal presets

Note: This structure is based on this setting within DPL

(I’ll report the font color issue separately)

(Peleg) #7

Well, I dunno. I’ve gone thru this same process and only found a Presetv4 folder but it was empty. I guess Time Machine just didn’t save it. Crap! Thanks for you help tho!

(Christian) #8

This is very very unlikely, unless you specifically changed the TM settings.

(Bob Shrader) #9

I, too, have been looking for the presets location for PhotoLab 2 on my iMac (Mojave 10.14.6).

The path shows nothing for presets. I’ve looked in the users library, the system library, etc. I’m stumped.

(Pascal) #10

I see a folder “presets” in the fifth Column !?