[REQUEST] NIK Affinity Interoperability



I know you target the Adobe products with the NIK collection. But there is a growing number of Affinity Photo users, where the Viveza plugin caused pink color shifts in the past, but only in the preview, not in the output. See at the end of the forum page here:

Maybe getting in contact with Affinity Photo guys and solving that issue could provide you several thousands of addional sold NIK licenses. The Affinity Photo people are very cooperative to ensure that external plugins work in their tool.

Just some things i ran in to working my images and got stuck in working out a solution
Just some things i ran in to working my images and got stuck in working out a solution


I am too an Affinity Photo user on Mac OSX, and since the last update, not only Viveza had issues. That are actually all the plugins that freeze at launch. And it also causes Affinity to freeze and I have to use the “force to quit” option.

I have re-installed the previous version of the plugins (the free one), and aside Viveza all the plugins work well. (I am really wondering why I paid 50€ to use the old free version… Ok, I hope it helps you guys to continue the developpement, and it’s fine)

I think a growing amount of people do not want to use Adobe products anymore. Affinity is a great alternative and cannot be replaced by products like DXO Photolab.

So, please, do not focus only on Photoshop or lightroom. Adobe don’t need it anyway.



Same here. I have switched from Photoshop to Affinity Suite. I would love to see support for Affinity Photo/Designer.

(Jason Maranto) #4

I also prefer Affinity Photo for my photo editing, for which I use NIK Collection extensively. While all of the NIK Collection plugins provide the basic functions in my Affinity Photo, the interoperability could definitely be enhanced to be commensurate with Adobe products.

(Bob Shrader) #5

I would love to see support for Affinity Photo, too. I’m away from my desktop fo a few days and am anxious to try the updated Nik Collection from DxO.


+1 for Affinity Photo compatibility. Especially the Viveza 2 plugin does not work in Affinity as a plugin. Please work together with Serif to make the Nik Collection compatible to Affinity Photo.

(John Lill) #11

Me too - I’d really like to see compatibility between the Nik plugins and Affinity Photo. I purchased the suite from DXO to support future development assuming that at least the modules that worked before on my Mac would work in the new version. I was wrong. I asked Dxo support if they would support AP compatibility and this was their response:

We do not know at this time if there are plans to make the software officially compatible with Affinity Photo. There may be workarounds available out there, but we do not officially support them. I am happy to pass along your interest in this combination to our developers.

DxO Customer Support"

Hopefully they will realize that there are a lot of Affinity users who would purchase the plugins if they would work!


There is some awareness for possible Affinity support. You can vote for it here, if you did not already: Official support of Nik plugins with Affinity software