Request: Fine tuning local-adjustment sliders (Consistency issue)

Existing problem:
Means by which fine-tuning can be made to adjustment sliders is currently not consistent between Global versus Local adjustments - This causes confusion, and inhibits useability for keyboard users.

Implementation of ability to make fine changes to Local Adjustment sliders by selecting the cursor and keeping it pressed while moving the mouse away from the slider is both clever and effective. And, it’s excellent to see that this ability has been retrofitted to the Global Adjustment sliders … Nice one ! :grin:

However, there is also ability to make fine adjustments to Global Adjustment sliders by clicking on the cursor and then tapping the up/down & left/right arrow keys - - - which is an excellent feature for keyboard users.

But, this ability is currently not available for use with Local Adjustment sliders - - and, as such, ability to fine-tune slider settings is inconsistent between Local & Global Adjustments. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Proposed solution:
Provide total consistency in fine-tuning adjustment sliders (for BOTH Local AND Global adjustments) by implementing the adjustment-via-keyboard method (currently available for Global Adjustments) for Local adjustments too.

PS. I forgot to mention:
The adjustment sliders in the Nik Collection tools work this way too (as proposed above).


Hi John,

You have my vote

My wishes for 2020 :
Following our exchanges in another thread, i would strongly suggest to also make the scales of local ajustments taller, allowing to select quickly a precise value (see LR for example…) and especially to improve :

  • the luminosity scale (most probable corrections are below 1 - typical examples :add light in eyes or hairs - , so it is not convenient to have the same scale from 0 to 4) and
  • the temperature WB scale : quite annoying to obtain quickly precise values (let’s say to go from 6100 to 6200 for instance)
    A solution could be to allow direct entry as for global ajustments…
    I found also the scale for the brush size to be too big
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@John-M : i put it in the table for PL4

Oops sorry already in there

Update to this request:

This being the case (that the Mac version of PL already enables manipulation of Local Adjustment sliders via the up/down arrow keys) - then, please add this ability to the Win version too.

John M