Request: Control points; i) On/Off comparison and; ii) coverage exposed

@Sigi created the topic “Control points activation/deactivation” in the Viveza sub-section …

This request applies equally to Color Efex Pro, and to other tools in the Nik Collection too.

Also, t’would be most helpful to have in PhotoLab a feature similar to the one of Color Efex Pro that shows the extent of coverage for any Control Point … so that one may check to see what is being affected by the Control Point.

I’m referring here to the switch that changes the image to B&W, with those areas covered by the relevant Control Point highlighted … as in the following example;


+1 for “Extent of coverage” for any control point.

yes please! +1

For PhotoLab this would be a starting point. Looking at this generally:

  1. the presented view is the layer mask which is derived from the control points. So it would be good to see the effective masks of all types of local adjustments including U-point and auto mask.

  2. It would be good if the U-point and auto mask derived masks could be “frozen” to be a starting point for corrections via paint brush and eraser brush.

  3. Having the points above, a global luminosity masking feature could be introduced, which is used as starting point as alternative to 1) like it is possible in On1 and LR.

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