Request: Automate loading/saving of Nik sidecar/.np files - WITH Control Points

(Melbourne, Australia) #1

Now that we know we can include Control Point information in a Nik Recipe - and save it as a Nik sidecar/.np file - then;

  • this provides a template/basis for automating this process (so that we don’t forget to do so ourselves)
  • this would make the Nik Collection consistent with PL’s handling of sidecar files
  • this would mean that the Nik Collection does not “break” the concept of non-destructible editing (as it does when there’s no means of recreating applied corrections without doing so manually).

PL has the following Preference settings; DxO_Prefs

A similar set of settings in, say, Color Efex Pro could manage loading and saving of the current Recipe (ie. stack of Filters) in a Nik sidecar (.np) file, WITH current Control Point information … as an image is loaded or saved in the Tool.

Wouldn’t that be excellent ?!

Regards, John M

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(gerhard brun) #2

That would be a reason for me to buy the new version.
Regards, Geri B

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(Melbourne, Australia) #3

Yes, I agree that this would be a significant enhancement to this excellent tool - - and it would allow & encourage more users to move completely across to Nik Collections 2 (which now includes PhotoLab for RAW processing).