Request: Automate loading/saving of Nik sidecar/.np files - WITH Control Points

(Melbourne, Australia) #1

Now that we know we can include Control Point information in a Nik Recipe - and save it as a Nik sidecar/.np file - then;

  • this provides a template/basis for automating this process (so that we don’t forget to do so ourselves)
  • this would make the Nik Collection consistent with PL’s handling of sidecar files
  • this would mean that the Nik Collection does not “break” the concept of non-destructible editing (as it does when there’s no means of recreating applied corrections without doing so manually).

PL has the following Preference settings; DxO_Prefs

A similar set of settings in, say, Color Efex Pro could manage loading and saving of the current Recipe (ie. stack of Filters) in a Nik sidecar (.np) file, WITH current Control Point information … as an image is loaded or saved in the Tool.

Wouldn’t that be excellent ?!

Regards, John M

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(gerhard brun) #2

That would be a reason for me to buy the new version.
Regards, Geri B

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(Melbourne, Australia) #3

Yes, I agree that this would be a significant enhancement to this excellent tool - - and it would allow & encourage more users to move completely across to Nik Collections 2 (which now includes PhotoLab for RAW processing).


(Mike Burke) #4

Wonderful idea, would buy right away.

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excellent idea.

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(Marc) #6

Yes that could be a good (temporary ?) solution.

(Melbourne, Australia) #7

Why do you say “temporary”, Marc … What would you like to see as a permanent solution ?

John M

(Marc) #8

Hi John,

Well it was at the same time a question. I had to re-read and imagine a bit the solution you propose.

I guess, in the end, the NIK settings could land into the .dop file if the NIK collection is well integrated. Meaning, for me, that we do not need to export to NIK anymore.
This would eventually work with the virtual copies and so on too.
But we have no idea yet what DxO has planned.
In my opinion, a well integrated NIK collection with Photolab can be positive. At the same time it is important to keep NIK as a plugin for as many software as possible (Standalone, Affinity, Photoshop, etc).

(Melbourne, Australia) #9

Yes, that would certainly be ideal - but, as you go on to say;

… this probably(?) means that the Nik Collection will continue to be separate from PL.

Regards, John M

(Marc) #10

Well DxO has the source code they can do both. I guess in the end, Photolab will be the only software with « non destructive » NIK workflow. Because any other software can not implement a plugin like this in the workflow… except… if… DxO brings an API for it and can sell it for good cash to competitors of Photolab -in a few years when the work is done with PL-NIK.