Repair Tool

(Larry McWhorter) #1

Hi Folks,

I haven’t visited the forum lately but I was wondering if much has been said about the Repair Tool. I’ve tried it a few times and I really like the way it works…especially after I finally figured out the proper procedure to use the feature.

Does anyone have any input about the Repair tool? I’m using Version 2.2.3 build 23

(Mark) #2

The repair tool works well, but its maximum size is limited and PhotoLab lacks a clone stamp


(Larry McWhorter) #3

It may not have a clone stamp but what the tool did was pretty impressive by incorporating the surrounding color and texture in the repaired section. I had an image that ended up with an unsightly aluminum can amongst some leave at the waters edge of a lakescape and I was hard pressed to see exactly where the cam was after I used the tool. The only way I could find where the can was to do a split screen compare and slide the split over the vicinity of where I thought the can was.

So I am duly impressed.

(Alec Kinnear) #4

Ah that was the problem when I was trying to clean up the skin around someone’s eyes. I kept getting bits of eyelashes as the heal tool wouldn’t let me clone and no matter how I approached the area, insisted on putting neighbouring eyelashes across the skin. A single clone of skin into that section would have then let me smooth the clone in with the repair/heal tool. On the other ten patches I healed/cleaned, the repair tool worked great. It would be great to have a clone tool to go with the excellent repair tool. They could share a single shortcut with an extra press switching between them. Heal is much more difficult than clone so hopefully this one is coming down the pipe soon. One of those huge small improvements.

(Mark) #5

I like the implementation of the clone tool in ON1. Something similar in PhotoLab would be terrific.


(John Barrett) #6

I find it very hit or too often miss. Some times works very well, no trace of what you were getting rid of, others its better just to undo and keep it as less of a mess than the repair. I used the repair tool in PS Elements before and it was better (yes I realize one is a RAW editor the other bit maped). If PL could work as well…