Repair brush--make outlines more visible

I have been working on some scans of old negatives, many of which have scratches. Fixing these requires using the repair brush a very large number of times, often in the same area. Sometimes this requires showing the masks and making changes to the source mask. This can be hard when there are many, even overlapping, masks in the same area.

When a mask is selected, the starting dot gets brighter and the source mask is shown with an arrow to the selected destination mask. I suggest that when a mask is selected, the outlines of both source and target mask be made more visible, with color, perhaps. This is needed when a large number of masks are in the same are in the same area of the image.

Hi John, that’s an interesting idea.

As I’m hardly scanning film, I tried some retouching with pics from Mike Myers. And yes, when you have a lot of repairs, the outlines go criss-cross and aren’t easy to discern, even at high magnification rate.

– So yes, a temporary coloured outline of the active repair could help.

I recently ran into the same issues… once you have a lot repairs its very difficult to use the tool… this has my vote…