Rename presets stop with "-" numpad


When I rename a preset, the button - of the numpad stop the rename.

I can confirm this :grinning:

With PL5 too

Uuups…correct, havent notice it before because normall I use underline or space

@sgospodarenko / Svetlana would you please so gentle to bring it to the developers area

I forgot that but I just reproduced it by creating another preset, this bug is still there.

Hello Franky,

I would like to know how the developers maintain and work through their error lists.
It’s all getting more and more suspect and annoying.

I’m starting to look around for alternatives as I don’t really need the main benefit of DXO Deepprime.

I’ll give DXO another chance in October with version 7.

Other mothers also have beautiful daughters (proverb in Germany)

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