Reinstate expand/collapse arrow on palette items

Further to my recent post, I thought I would make this an official “feature request”.

Without the arrows, there is no visual clue as to how to expand or collapse palette items.

I am not saying that you should have to click on the arrow, simply that it is there to give users a clue that the item can be expanded or collapsed.

What is more, under PL4.1 for Mac, items do not always respond to the first click and may need a second click to work.

Agreed and voted.

Joanna, have you tried clicking different places of the title bar. I find that there is a response only when clicked in an area that contains the title (not necessarily depending on localized text though)

UPDATE: DPL 4.1.1. changes how clicking the tool title bar reacts. Now, the title bar click opens/reduces the tool, it does not deactivate the tool. Thanks, DxO.