Regression on a wrongly filled optical module


Here a photo taken with 5D + 35mm f/2 IS.
ExifTool partially recognizes it but all other software (DPP, Lr, C1) recognize it without any problem.

PhotoLab 3 asks to choose between 9 proposals.
PhotoLab 6 doesn’t recognize it at all !




IMG_0476.CR2 (12.9 MB)

Lens recognition has changed indeed. Combinations of older Canon cameras with newer lenses used to produce module ambiguities that could be resolved manually. Now, the ambiguities are gone, together with the ability to recognize certain lenses.

I’ve reported this a while ago and uploaded example files. But nothing has been done after that.

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However, LensType is correctly filled in


I don’t know, which tags are read by DPL in order to determine the lens model/specification and suitable module. But I found that if I add the “Lens Model” tag and lens specification with ExifTool, DPL proposes the module that fits.


Lens model entry (left, line 54) in an exiftool dump (exiftool -G -a -u) compared to the dump of the unaltered file. All other differences are either timestamps or offsets.



Can we expect an official answer on the causes and remedies?
It worked on one leg with PL3 and not at all since.


We have a task to fix the issue with the Canon modules and it should be done for the summer at the latest. Thank you four patience and understanding