Reading Lightroom xmp files

I am considering replacing Lightroom with DXO PL5. But, I have literally found nothing about reading Lightroom xmp files. I’m not talking about adjustments. I know I will lose them. But not keywords. And to a lesser degree, star and color ratings. I can’t imagine why DXO doesn’t have a tutorial on how to switch from Lightroom to DXO. Again. I am leaving Lightroom, not integrating with them. Has anyone completely switched from Lightroom and been able to use their xmp sidecars to retain keywords, stars and colors? I would be grateful for your help.


From extensive tests, I can say that keywords (including hierarchical) and ratings from XMP files are read by PL5. As yet, there is no support for colours.

… and isn’t that a little odd? Lightroom uses color markup and so is for example Photo Mechanic but since there seem to be a rainbow out there in different applications you even can adapt your colors to in PM to the programs you interacting with. Why does it seem to exist different “color sets” in a “standard” like IPTC?

It’s not enough with a a common element/field structure. It’s equally important what we put in these elements/fields.