Question: How does the voting system work?

(Melbourne, Australia) #1

As a new member of this forum, I am not clear on how the voting system works …
How many votes does each member have ?
How often are vote allocations renewed ?
Do vote quotas apply by topic, or overall ?

Is there anything else that I don’t know that I need to know ? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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(Grégoire Pailler) #2

Hello John

Th voting system is still a bit rough for now and we have to improve the overall behavior.
Currently, every member has 4 votes for the whole forum and when a request is implemented/closed, you can get back your vote.

We’re working to improve it to have votes by category and to have something more appealing (to know your remaining votes for example (currently, you have to go to your profile -> votes to count your votes)

Best regards

(Melbourne, Australia) #3

Thank you, Grégoire,

Is that 4 votes for all time - so that if the requests one has voted for take a long time to be actioned then you don’t get any more to use in the meantime ?

(Grégoire Pailler) #4

Yes exactly. It’s 4 votes for all time. If you reach the vote limit, the only way is to remove a previous vote.

As I said, we will improve the voting system by changing the votes limit and allowing different votes counters by category. I hope it will be available soon.

Stay tuned :wink:

(Melbourne, Australia) #5

Any progress on this one ?

John M