Put the project assignement in the dop file


I’m using the same photo library, stored on a big USB 3.1 external SSD drive on two different computers, depending if I’m at home or roaming around.
I use projects quite a lot, to keep in the same place sets of picture that I can finalize when I have time or am in the mood. However, when moving from one computer to another, I loose the project assignment.

If the assignment could be copied to the dop file in addition to the database content, the second computer could sync these after a simple rescan. In addition, if you reinstall your computer, or move to another one, or corrupt your database, or move your photos to a bigger drive, these assignements could be recovered after scanning the right folders.

Are there others in the same situation ?

This sounds like an excellent idea. I have voted for it. I suggest you do the same.

Unique database items are always vulnerable. So having it stored in external files is better then one file contains all.

I voted
(i believe it’s an earlier request to make the Database more a copy and look up table then a storaged of information.)

I like the idea too so have also voted :+1:

Very good idea

Good morning!

Well, 15 votes in 24h definitely requires attention :slight_smile: . @StevenL , @Musashi could you, please, have a look?

Thank you
Svetlana G.

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This gets my vote. It is strange that the present DOP files contain an “Album” tag which appears to be unused so this might be difficult to implement.

Great idea - my vote as well!!!