PureRaw highjacks lightroom export as DNG

If you export images in Lightroom Classic, selecting image format = DNG, then PureRaw will start, and highjack the export operation.

Hi, Rory. Have you opened a support ticket with DxO to investigate why this is happening? (support.dxo.com)

Could there be a setting in Lightroom Classic that’s causing PureRAW to be called as a plug-in on export?

To help the rest of us understand:

What versions of these programs are you using? With what OS?

Does the problem happen all the time or just once in a while / under certain conditions?

Up-to-date Windows 10, Current version of DxO PureRaw, plug-in auto installed on Lightroom classic 11.3.1. It happens all the time when lightroom export with the export image format = DNG. Should I repeat this description at support.dxo.com? Thanks.

Okay, I’ve resolved the issue: the bug is in Lightroom, not PureRaw. It sometimes “remembers” PureRaw as the post-processing app, and if the current export preset does not show the post processing option then it uses PureRaw.